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On contacting me for an appointment I will book in an assessment to assess your child’s speech, language and communication skills. I offer a range of formal and informal assessments, depending on the nature of the concern and the age of the child.

Assessments typically last for up to 60 minutes.

Sessions are carried out at home or within the school environment

Reports will be written following assessment.

Following initial assessment, feedback will be given and therapy will be offered if it is required.


Therapy varies according to findings. Options will be discussed with parents following assessment.

As with assessment, therapy can be offered either within the home or school setting

Therapy usually takes place on a one-to-one basis; a parent/education staff will need to be present 

Time is spent at the end of each session in discussion with parents. Often, information regarding the activities will be given to parents or material used in the session will be sent home for practice.

Who I Support 

Children that present with the following areas of need ​​

  • Attention, listening and play development 

  • Understanding of language

  • Early language development 

  • Expressive language, e.g. vocabulary and sentence building 

  • Speech sound skills or pronunciation

  • Social Interaction and social communication skills 

You may already have received assessment and diagnosis from local NHS services and require therapy or you may have concerns regarding:

  • delayed speech sound development (pronunciation)

  • delayed or disordered language development (understanding and talking)

  • communication disorders arising from autistic spectrum disorders

  • communication problems associated with syndromes or learning difficulties

  • attention, listening and play development

  • early interaction and non-verbal skills

Please phone or email me on the contact details to arrange assessment or therapy sessions alongside the NHS. I will always liaise with NHS colleagues accordingly. 

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